Pricing Information

If you are only shopping price please go elsewhere... Quality does not come cheaply. We are competitive! We are fair! We are not cheap! We also do not have set pricing. We have perfomed many inspections and have never found two properties exactly alike. Yes, there may be similarities but every home and new owner will interact differently, uniquely! Inspectors cannot be cookie cutters. Each property deserves time and patience to unearth as many hidden secrets as possible. Every property has a story and we want to give them a chance.

Our fees are based on time and complexity. If the facility to be inspected is empty, open and simplistic, plus all areas are readily accessible, relatively new and sound, the fee would be nearer our base for that type structure. Add additional accessories such as fireplaces, CAC, skylights, crawl spaces, attics, complex roofing, multiple energy sources and heating, the time onsite will increase as does the time required to write the formal written report.

A historic house may have many charms, many smaller rooms, plus various "nooks-n-crannies", but they all require patience and time. The more windows, doorways and other components, the more questions. Our goal is to show you what, why and how objects function while always looking to secure your safety while limiting your negative surprises.

If we are asked to perform an inspection for a potential purchase, we know you are looking at it as your potential castle and our goal is to discover if there are any skeletons hidden about... Older homes may have charm, but they also hold secrets and we want to make sure they are not the kind that can hurt.

I have owned, operated, and performed construction on historic homes, commercial and industrial buildings and other structures. I enjoy discovering, almost like an archeologist, what story each structure has to tell. [I am still finding surprises in a structure I've owned since 1987. The main house was built in the 1800's, some other sections were built even earlier.]

New or old, large or small, give us the chance to help you discover your castle, Remember you are guaranteed!